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Commercial Roofing Solutions from The Garland Company

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Moderated by Brian Lambert. Brian Lambert is Garland’s director of products and systems. He holds roofing-related patents and has been active in industry initiatives promoting green roofing and other sustainable design solutions since 1996. He frequently promotes sustainable design as a guest lecturer to professional organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Difficult Roofing Details Demand Tuff Solutions

Garland introduces easy-to-install Tuff Flash waterproofing protection for sealing difficult and unique roof details fast and watertight.   Building owners and contractors are constantly trying to find more durable and applicator friendly products to address today’s building design issues. In response, Garland continues to push our processes to create products that allow the industry to build better roof […]

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Modified Membrane Testing

Understanding ASTM D2523 vs. ASTM D5147 Both ASTM methods are standard test methods employed by roofing manufacturers to test their modified asphaltic roof membranes. The difference is: D2523 is a method that describes how to perform load-strain tests and is more geared toward testing whole assembled systems D5147 describes the battery of tests the manufacturer […]

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