Garland Project in Roofing Magazine

Roofing Magazine recently featured a Garland project highlight on their website. The project, a striking job completed with R-Mer Span panels and a snow retention system, has found great mileage in building envelope publications, even garnering itself a 2020 Metal Roofing Idea Book win.

This project is gaining particular attention for its beautiful photos, which show the finished roof from above the changing leaves of Bangor, Maine. The Sea Mist colored R-Mer Span panels of the re-roofing project are an eye-catching addition to the already beautiful scenery.

The new roof, affixed to the existing shingle of the Elsie Coffey Child Development Center, also shows the promise of integrity during any season. The metal panels will protect against the snow and moisture and the snow retention system will keep snow from falling off of the roof in dangerous chunks. These products were chosen with strategic design, function and results in mind to create the stunning finished project.

You can read more about the project on Roofing Magazine’s website and find more project highlights from Garland here.