Reopen Schools Safely with D7

Schools will soon be back in session across the country, which means our “new normal” is giving us a new take on the typical school day. But while anticipating the return of some semblance of normalcy, every school is expected to heighten their disinfection practices so every student and staff member can be welcomed back to the classroom safely. Whether your school plans to disinfect after hours, on varying schedules or throughout the school day, Garland’s D7 can suit any plan, any school and any application.

Applying D7 to a playground

D7, a member of our Defense Force line of healthy building products, is an effective and safe antimicrobial disinfectant that kills bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses in minutes. D7 covers both interior and exterior applications, so every classroom, desk, meeting space, playground, entrance, seat, bench and more can be disinfected. D7 is also easy to apply – either by spray, foam, fog or cloth – meaning your disinfection team can easily apply D7 on your school’s schedule.

D7 Interior Fogging Application

As the first day of school rapidly approaches, D7 makes it easy to disinfect on your schedule and ensure safe spaces for your students, staff and communities. D7 saves you time, labor and money as compared to services provided by cleaning companies. In minutes, your own team can easily and effectively disinfect at a fraction of the cost, with no need to abide by the time constraints of a cleaning service.

With D7, your disinfection practices are:

  • Effective: D7 kills 99.99999% of bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses; achieving the highest level of effectiveness as recognized by the EPA
  • Safe: D7 contains zero VOCs and is biodegradable, proving itself as a safe disinfectant that won’t harm the environment, occupants, or surfaces of your school
  • Easy: D7 can be applied through various application methods, inside and outside the building
    • Fogging and spraying interior application methods are fast and require little to no prep or clean-up
    • Mixing stations and D7 replenishment programs provide worry-free solutions that suit your schedule and disinfection team
  • Versatile: D7’s versatility with application methods allows you to disinfect all areas, while its quick contact and dwell times are ideal for any disinfection schedule
  • Valuable: Disinfection with D7 saves you up to 10 times more than similar applications offered by turnkey service providers, allowing your school to allocate those savings toward additional resources

Contact your local Garland representative today to discuss D7 and its benefits for your school!

Wiping down entryways with D7