Project Highlight: Matilija Junior High school gymnasium


Sometimes in roofing, you just have to roll with it. In Garland representative Jason Moronnolte’s case, field roll-forming steel panels on site was the perfect solution to conquer the tight barrel curved roof on the Matilija Junior High School Gymnasium.

Ojai’s Bond Project Managers Adam Dutter and Alan White were dissatisfied with the state of Matilija’s gymnasium roof. Leaks in the existing shingle roof were not a new occurrence; Dutter, an alumnus of the middle school, recalled water cascading down the gymnasium walls back when he was a student. Luckily, Ojai already had a relationship with Moronnolte, who has completed around 50 projects with the school district, 20 of which were completed with Dutter and White. This relationship between all parties allowed Moronnolte to truly understand the school’s needs and suggest a new roof to ensure leakage would be a plague of the past.


While the design might have been enough of a challenge, efforts had to be made to ensure the structure would be watertight. Dutter and White took Moronnolte’s recommendation of a single panel due to its sleek look and structural integrity. Garland’s R-Mer® Span steel system was the perfect choice due to its cost-effectiveness and longevity. “R-Mer Span was a much better option than putting on a new shingle roof every five years. The steel roof will outlast us,” said Dutter. With a guarantee of longevity and watertight design, the students won’t have to worry about their alma mater’s roof structure for many years.

The installation of the metal panels was an interest to all involved. Due to the size and shape of the structure, the 18-inch wide steel panel had to be curved to meet the exact profile and radius of the barrel-shaped roof. This consisted of a 90-foot seamless panel, specifically designed to avoid stress and reduce oil-canning on the 24-gauge steel panels. The installation was a sight to behold; “Many people in the community drove by on the weekend just to see it,” said Dutter. The flat portions of the roof were then coated in White-Star for added energy efficiency, waterproofing protection and tensile strength in compliance with California’s Title 24 cool roofing standards.

From turning away from a history of leaks and deteriorating infrastructure to field rolling the steel panels into exactly the shape the project required, this project was all about rolling with the punches (pun intended). Even when faced with the commonly occurring challenges that accompany intricate design and execution, Moronnolte diligently monitored the progress of the project, understanding that an accurate installation would establish a strong service life for the new roof. Dutter spoke of this asset: “Jason was very proactive and understood that our warranty was a priority and he ensured us that it was his priority as well.” Moronnolte’s diligence, RNT Architect’s design expertise, quality Garland products and community engagement all rolled into another successful project in Ojai.

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