Project Highlight: Best of both worlds for design and functionality

When neighboring Gloucester County combined their vocational school and traditional high school into one building, New Jersey’s Cumberland County Technical Education Center (CCTEC) took note of the success. Rather than waste time and resources by bussing the students between buildings, the administrators agreed that an all-in-one, accessible facility would be ideal for the community.

To ensure this building could achieve all the performance and aesthetic properties desired by the school, all hands needed to be on deck. Bill Pancoast, a Garland salesman in the Philadelphia territory, worked with a team comprised of architects, contractors, school administrators and members from the state’s department of education to bring this dream to life.

Multiple designs and products were suggested to fit the needs of the new building. Being a vocational school, ceiling heights, exhaust fans and workshops needed to be factored into the roof design. It was ultimately decided that a low-slope modified bitumen roof with metal mansards around the perimeter would achieve both the performance and aesthetic requirements.

Garland’s StressPly® E FR Mineral eco-friendly modified bitumen membrane was installed as the cap sheet on the low-slope sections of the roof. The roof seams were heat welded, providing a seamless appearance across the 187,000-square-foot roof. The metal mansards along the sides and front of the building provide the illusion from the ground that the roof is sloped while also concealing some of the equipment on top of the building. Garland’s R-Mer® Span 24-gauge patriot blue steel panels were installed on those mansards. The same panels, some with slopes as steep as 8:12, were used to custom-build the dome atop the clock tower at the main entrance, which serves as a centerpiece of the roof. The metal panels used over the barrel roofs on the gymnasium and cafeteria are continuous, eliminating all possibility of field leaks and contributing to the design the mansards promote.

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