3 Reasons to Use Garland’s Newest Reflective Roof Coating

The latest innovation from the research labs at The Garland Company is Pyramic Plus LO – a water-based reflective coating. This bright white coating is designed to preserve asphaltic modified bitumen roof systems and provide all-important protection from UV radiation.

Product Characteristics

An addition to Garland’s successful Pyramic family of solutions, this introduction boasts several impressive characteristics.

Low Odor
A very important factor for building occupants and owners, this product puts off little to no smell at all.

Urethane Chemistry

Formulated with a unique blend of urethane (as opposed to the pure acrylic of many coatings), this formula increases the strength and flexibility of the coating system for longer-lasting protection.

Mold & Bacteria Control

Because water-based products are vulnerable to bacteria, mold/fungus growth can speed up roof deterioration. Pyramic Plus LO contains a comprehensive biocide package to minimize the growth of these microorganisms on the coating surface.

Learn More

To learn more about Pyramic Plus LO and all of Garland’s reflective coating options (plus, solutions for the rest of your building assets!), contact your local Garland representative.

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