Have You Heard? We Have Sound Barrier Solutions

Sure, we have a proven track record of partnering with architectural firms to provide high-performance building envelope solutions that are responsibly and efficiently designed for performance, functionality and aesthetics.

But did you know we aren’t just focused on the EXTERIOR of the building? We have high-performance solutions for the INTERIOR too. One popular interior solution for design professionals and new construction projects are our sound barriers.

For Your Next Project

Our line of high-quality sound barriers, WaveBlok, can be installed with walls, ceilings and floors. These barriers easily install during new construction to significantly reduce noise transmission through interior spaces. The WaveBlok family contains solutions for both new construction and retrofit. Using scrap materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills, WaveBlok is sustainably manufactured. Plus, at end of use, the materials are 100% recyclable.

Highly Recommended

Sound and noise control is highly recommended for multi-use and residential spaces where noise is a common complaint. Most commonly, sound control materials are needed for:

  • Condo & Apartment Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Music & Recording Studios
  • Theaters & Game Rooms

More About Noise

  • More than 50% of sound control projects are begun after construction is complete, and noise complaints have begun.
  • Excessive noise, and its effect on rest, is one of the highest complaints found on post-discharge hospital/medical facility patient surveys.
  • Good acoustics are crucial to a learning environment — helping to support easy verbal communication requires low noise levels and lowering reverberation (i.e. the continuation of sound vibrations after the original source of the sound is long gone).

WaveBlok products are distributed through our sister company, IMETCO.