5 Roofing Statistics That’ll Make You Cringe

Did you know…

  1. 40% of all building-related problems are due to water intrusion
  2. Water intrusion accounts for more than 70% of construction litigation
  3. Roofs, on average, last only about half of their designed lifetime
  4. Several roofs develop leaks within their first 2 years of service
  5. U.S. building owners spend more than $12 billion annually on repairing, recovering or reroofing

One building expert said it all boils down to proper installation. If roof materials aren’t installed correctly, the roof will fail prematurely.

So what can you do?

Work with a dedicated roofing manufacturer committed to overseeing the proper installation of your roof project.

Garland reps are governed by a 12-step process that guarantees your project will be a success. They are there from start to finish, and even after the project is complete.

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Sources: Architect, Building Operating Management