Is my roof storm ready? Use our storm checklist

This storm season has affected several states in the United States this year. It’s a good reminder to plan ahead for extreme weather and natural disasters. For starters, use this checklist as a guide.

Checklist for Roof Storm Preparedness:

  • Check that all internal drains, scuppers and downspouts are clear of debris and are operational
  • Note areas of any ponding water on the roof
  • Inspect drain strainers for proper securement
  • Inspect roof for loose debris or materials that are not part of the roof system or rooftop mechanical units
  • Ensure there are no overhanging obstacles such as tree limbs and other vegetation
  • Check that fasteners on metal components are in place, properly sealed and secure
  • Review coping cap joints for proper seals and integrity
  • Inspect metal edge and trim components for proper securement
  • Inspect pitch pockets and other roof penetrations for sealant condition
  • Check all roof penetrations and terminations to ensure they are sealed against water entry
  • Check the overall condition of the roof membrane for blisters, ridges, splits or cracks, open end or lap joints, exposed felts, lack of surface aggregate or coating
  • Ensure roof hatch latches are operational and lock properly
  • Inspect snow guards or snow retention system for missing units or loose connections
  • Inspect lightning protection terminals and cable for secure attachment
  • Inspect mechanical units for proper structural anchorage and note any mechanical units or roof features which are not fixed to the roof structure
  • Ensure access panels and filter screens are installed properly and securely
  • Ensure condensate drain hoses and pipes are turned down and draining properly

For an inspection from one of our trained professionals, contact your local Garland representative!

Stay safe out there.