Welcome to the Garland Family, KEE-Stone Thermoplastic Membrane

Garland is pleased to add a brand new, high performance membrane to our family of roofing products… KEE-Stone FB 60. KEE-Stone’s unique compound, formulated using the highest grade DuPont™ Elvaloy® HP Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE), provides superior resistance to UV degradation and heat resistance while retaining its low-temperature flexibility, which translates into a longer-lasting roof.

KEE-Stone FB 60 is designed as the cap sheet in a Garland two-ply, hybrid KEE-Stone system. The KEE-Stone hybrid system will provide the trusted protection of a traditional modified bitumen roof system with the clean, white appearance of a single-ply system.

Superior Chemistry & Manufacturing
KEE-Stone’s thermoplastic chemistry uses the industry’s highest quality KEE compound for the highest quality weatherability. Unlike most KEE membranes, KEE-Stone is formulated and manufactured with high quality KEE throughout the entire sheet – both above and below the scrim – because the sheet is only as strong as its weakest point.

Strength & Durability
KEE-Stone FB 60 is the most durable KEE sheet in the industry, providing superior puncture and hail resistance and ensuring long-term waterproofing protection and durability. Even after industry standard heat aging tests, KEE-Stone retains more than 90 percent of its breaking strength, elongation and flexibility. Plus, KEE-Stone’s unique polymer-coated polyester scrim allows the KEE compound above and below to fuse together, creating a monolithic sheet and reinforcing the strength of this membrane. The KEE-Stone FB 60 membrane will not break down or peel apart over time, increasing the life of the investment.

UV Resistance & Energy Savings
KEE-Stone has been formulated to provide superior heat and UV resistance, providing long-term protection. KEE-Stone’s UV-resilient properties are among the highest in the industry and have earned the seal of approval from the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for repelling the damaging effects of the sun to protect your building – and protect your wallet through energy savings. While KEE-Stone’s smooth white surface reflects UV rays, the Elvaloy HP formula within the sheet stays strong to prevent drying, cracking and UV degradation.

Unmatched System Strength
As the thermoplastic cap sheet in a hybrid roof system, KEE-Stone combines the benefits of thermoplastic technology with the time-tested multi-ply roof design. When installed over Garland-approved modified bitumen base sheets, KEE-Stone provides long-lasting and reliable protection. Use KEE-Stone FB 60 with premium Garland modified bitumen base sheets and KEE-Lock Foam for a strong, seamless system with a smooth, attractive appearance.

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