Supporting Cancer Research in Honor of Garland’s Survivors

Last year, three members of Garland’s work family were diagnosed with cancer. But they were ready to fight… and so was The Garland Company. Our employees vowed to make a difference in the name of our colleagues and we launched a nationwide fundraiser for Ohio Cancer Research (OCR).

Last night at OCR’s Star Award Gala, Garland presented a donation of $80,573 to benefit the cancer research and awareness efforts of OCR.

“This donation represents so much more than a monetary gift. This is a testament to the way we support one another, especially in times where community is most important. I’m so amazed by how strong and united our team is,” said Dave Sokol, our president.

Garland is very proud to receive an award of recognition from OCR on behalf of our own amazing cancer survivors and our incredible team who donated to this fight.

Learn More About Ohio Cancer Research
OCR serves a vital role in the fight against cancer as they provide the “seed” money needed by young researchers pursuing new and innovative ideas in cancer research who can then compete and secure much larger funding on the national level. Nearly 70 percent of the 160 new ideas funded by OCR have resulted in success and continued funding from other sources.