Same Old Neighborhood, New Opportunities for Garland

Here at Garland, we’re celebrating a milestone. This month, the newest crop of recruits at The Garland Company will be the first group to undergo new employee training in our brand new training center!

We’re celebrating for two reasons:

First, investing in our employees is a top priority for Garland and this new facility will greatly improve the experience for our new team members.

Second, Garland has made a home in the old manufacturing district of Cleveland for nearly a century and we’re so proud to continue investing in our neighborhood.

Today, Garland now occupies approximately 200,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office space on more than 7½ acres.

Our new training center is just next door to our corporate headquarters. We purchased the building in 2015 and have accomplished major renovations since then and renamed the building The Soliday Center — in honor of one of our first and most valuable salesmen and trainers. The spacious building is also a gathering place for employees for celebrations and company functions, like our annual Spirit Week fundraiser.

Our VP and General Manager said it best: “Our people are our most valuable asset. The culture that we build with our new employees is vital to our company’s success, and this new facility is a place to build that culture. This space is a great way to show our commitment to our people and our neighborhood.”

We hope that 100 more years from now we’ll still be calling this neighborhood home and still nurturing the employees that serve our customers so well.