Project Highlight: Retrofit Metal Solution for Extreme Weather

The Challenge:
The metal roof at Tintic High School in Eureka, Utah had been leaking for at least the last decade. Desperate to find a solution, school administrators hired a consultant and roofing contractors to provide recommendations on how to solve the problems. The repairs never seemed to work and the leaking continued, reaching a point where it was common for the school to replace up to 80 ceiling tiles a year due to water damage. Soon after Kodey Hughes was hired as the district’s superintendent, he made a commitment to find a permanent solution to the problem. “The leaking was quite significant and what was the most frustrating was discovering the amount of money the district had spent on faulty repairs,” he explained.

The Solution:
Hughes put out a request for proposal in search of a company that could provide a long-term solution, which is how he met local Garland representative, Logan DeWitt. DeWitt visited the school shortly after responding to the RFP and thoroughly inspected the roof. DeWitt determined the roof’s original design and construction needed to be addressed. Varied metal panel lengths and exposed fasteners contributed to the leaking problem, and further complicating the issue was the fact that the panel was spanning open purlins. “The original installation wasn’t appropriate for our geographic location. Utah is prone to extreme temperature fluctuations, high winds, snow and ice, which can be problematic for a metal roof not designed to withstand those extremes,” DeWitt said.

Based on the project’s performance objectives, DeWitt, along with Garland’s engineering staff, recommended the installation of Garland’s R-Mer® Span structural standing seam roof system. A new 18-gauge galvanized framing system was installed over the existing metal panels and attached directly to the existing purlins. Wind loads for the new metal system were determined through ASCE 7-05 calculations, ensuring the new system was designed to provide long-term, watertight protection. The new framing system was pre-manufactured to fit between ribs of the existing system, eliminating the need to remove the existing roof.

The 24-gauge, 18-inch wide steel R-Mer Span panels were installed on a framing system that transferred roof loads to the existing structure. On-site roll forming allowed panels to be formed in 110-foot lengths, eliminating end laps and providing watertight protection. Ogden-based contractor Rodac, LLC enhanced the perimeter and corner attachment pattern to ensure proper installation was achieved.

Additional concerns regarding panel length were addressed by utilizing a one-piece clip. With continuous panel runs of over 100 feet, the panel can expand and contract over an inch as the ambient temperature rises and falls. The one-piece 16-gauge clip allows the panel to slide freely over the clip for unlimited distances, eliminating any concern of leaking caused by buckling or billowing. The 64,000 square-foot roof system is covered by a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Hughes was pleased with the success of his first project with Garland. “We’ve been very happy with the project. I was very impressed with Logan and with the quality of product being installed on our roof. I would definitely consider working with Logan on future roofing projects.”

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