Project Highlight: Setting the Standard at a Newly Constructed High School

When the James M. Bennett High School in Salisbury, Maryland, was nearly 300 students over capacity and the decision was made to build a new school, sustainability in terms of efficiency and performance was the focus. Brian Foret, director of facilities for the school district, envisioned the new school as setting the district standard, which means the roofing system would play a critical role.

“Roofs are one of our major fiscal assets. After the district went through a period of significant deterioration repairs, we set out on a mission to eliminate the ‘bucket brigade’ and to reinvest in roofs and the overall building envelope,” Foret says.

To achieve all of the district’s objectives, including a unique, modern look, the architect combined brick façades, a substantial amount of glass, and various roof slopes and angles. Garland’s R-Mer Span structural standing seam roof system, which leads the industry in watertight protection, was installed on a large portion of the roof. This type of metal roofing material also offered the functional diversity needed for an unusual or complex roofing project.

The high school now sets the standard for sustainability, thanks in part to its metal roof, geothermal HVAC systems, daylight harvesting, high-performance glazing, digital lighting controls, low VOC materials and storm water irrigation.

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