Finding Solar Reflectance Values of your Roofing System

If you have a Garland roofing system or Garland products, you may be interested in learning the SRI, thermal emittance and solar reflectance of them. Luckily, it’s easy to find these values. Simply visit the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) website, and view the “Rated Products Directory.”

The CRRC provides accurate and credible information for the solar reflectance, thermal emittance and SRI of a variety of roofing products through its product rating program. All values in this directory are based on the ASTM standard, so code organizations, architects and building owners alike can rest easy knowing the rating is accurate and can be relied on. Having trouble finding the products you are using? Just type “Garland” into the search bar on the directory page.

Not sure what it all means? High solar reflectance values of commercial roofing products are useful for:

  • Distinguishing the performance of the products in specifications
  • Earning LEED credits
  • Reducing heat island effect
  • Showing correlation between high solar reflectance values and low energy cost
  • Showing correlation between high solar reflectance values and longevity of the roof
  • Helping reduce thermal shock to the roof