Benefits of Going Green for your Roofing System

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that buildings in the United States are accountable for 39 percent of total energy use, 68 percent of total electricity consumption and 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. With that kind of data, it’s no surprise that there is more and more interest in going green with construction and using products as a sustainable roofing solution.

Using sustainable solutions for your commercial roofing project can have a wide variety of benefits – both for the environment and for your company. First is energy savings, which may translate into a cost savings for your company. A sustainable roof designed with a climate appropriate insulation package and membrane surfacing can reflect heat and act as a natural insulator for your commercial building, which will reduce the energy needed to heat and cool your building. Use an energy roof calculator to obtain an estimate of energy savings.

A sustainable solution for your roofing needs can also reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions like carbon monoxide. Because a building with a sustainable roofing solution decreases the need for air conditioning, the production of associated air pollution is decreased as well. Using a vegetative roofing system can also help to remove air pollutants. These reductions can help to improve oxygen levels and air quality, too. Sustainable roofing solutions can also help with reduction and slowing of storm water run-off. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing urban heat-island effect
  • Extended service life of the roof
  • Contribution to LEED® Buildings certification points
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Noise Pollution decrease
  • Well-being improvement for the people using and viewing your roof

Long-Term Performance and Sustainable Design

While many sustainable solutions are available to be incorporated to your roofing solution even after installation, if you’re unable to do so, the long-term performance can be even more important. Investing in a roofing system that provides a long service life is a unique way to go green, too! By not having to replace your roof and its parts as often as with other lower-performing roofs, you’re already going green.

A roof can still be sustainable without having green elements. Sustainability and longer lasting roofs are a result of:

  •  Analysis, inspection, design and details
  • Great materials
  • Network of authorized contractors
  • Long-term maintenance and inspections

A sustainable roofing system will heal both your roof life and your ecological footprint. What is better than that?