Project Highlight: Travis County Jail in Austin, Texas

Have you ever heard of a construction project coming in ahead of schedule and under budget? Here at Garland, we hear great things like that every day, and we want you to hear them, too! We’ll be highlighting notable commercial roofing projects our Garland reps have recently completed, and we’re starting with a project in Austin, Texas.

The Travis County Jail is a high-security jail that encompasses a full city block in Austin, and they use the roof to provide inmates with opportunities for state-required hours of outdoor recreation. Unfortunately, they’ve experienced roofing problems since opening in 1986 and due to logistical problems, instead of tackling underlying problems or replacing the system, the county patched or restored various surfaces as their budgets permitted.

After many years of repairing problems, it was time to replace the roof entirely and the county chose The Garland Company to provide them with a high-performance roof that included tapered insulation, a concrete deck and a virtually odor-free Garland adhesive system. The complicated project was completed within six months and included removing the former saturated roofing and six-inch concrete slab, installing an outside elevator to access the roof and removing debris one elevator load at a time. The construction team also installed a new lightning protection system and handled extensive detailing for necessary security cameras and razor wire.

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