How R-Mer Span Differs from Other Standing Seam Roofs

The R-Mer Span standing seam roof system is uniquely designed to provide unrivaled performance throughout the commercial and industrial roofing industry.  Here is a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to help explain how this unique design separates this high performance structural panel from other standing seam systems.

Q: What benefit is offered through the symmetric design of the R-Mer Span panel?

A: Replaceability – High wind events can cause damage to any standing seam roof through airborne debris.  R-Mer Span’s symmetrical seam makes it possible to replace one panel, versus an asymmetric panel that is nearly impossible to replace, without needing to remove the entire roof or create panel laps

Q: Why are concealed clips and fasteners so important?

A: Watertight Design – The R-Mer Span system is designed so there are no exposed fasteners that could compromise the water tightness of the system.  Exposed fasteners and washers are subject to degradation over the life of the roof.  The fasteners become maintenance issues due to rusting and fastener back-out.  Exposed fasteners also prohibit unlimited thermal expansion and contraction.

Q: What is the benefit of the single piece concealed clip?

A: Unlimited Thermal Movement – The R-Mer Span 16 gauge clip fits inside the panel’s return flange creating a raceway where the panel can expand and contract freely without the limitations of a 2 piece clip.  Metal panels will expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall.  It is extremely important to allow the roof system to move as nature intended.  Constricting this movement with two piece clips and exposed fasteners puts unnecessary stress on the components of the system.  This stress can lead severe oil canning as well as premature failure of the roof system components.

Q: What makes R-Mer Span different from other standing seam panel profiles?

A: Isolation of the Sealant From the Clip – The R-Mer Span system is designed to keep the sealant isolated from the clip. This enables the system to have unlimited thermal movement and keeps the sealant from being broken down by the panel’s movement along the clip, ensuring a watertight roof system.  R-Mer Span’s return flange allows the clip to nest within the panel leg.  When the seam cap is installed, the factory applied sealant contacts and seals against the panel and not the clip.  Other systems that do not isolate the sealant leave it vulnerable to degradation while the panel expands and contracts.  This sealant is one of the key waterproofing agents of the panel system.  If this breaks down, the roof system is susceptible to leakage.

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