Looking for the Ideal Retrofit Solution for Your Metal Roof?

The R-Mer® Lite II  insulated steel roof system is a uniquely designed flat seam metal roof panel system that offers a long-term metal solution for a wide range of building configurations.  Check out those special attributes that make this system an ideal solution for retrofit applications over existing metal roofs.

R-Mer Lite II is a lightweight metal roof system weighing approximately ¾ lb. per square foot.  Additional insulation can also be added with the installation R-Mer Lite II to increase the roof R-value, improving the energy efficiency of the overall building.  Retrofitting an existing roof also allows you to eliminate the tear-off costs of the project and allows work to go on during the building’s hours of operation.

The unique watertight seam design and strong 22-gauge hat channel framing system allow the R‑Mer Lite II system to resist severe weather conditions while restraining thermal movement in the seam.  The hat channel framing system also helps prevent thermal bridging of fasteners used to attach the panel.  So the next time you are faced with the option to retrofit your existing roof system, consider R-Mer Lite II!

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